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Every day expert chefs lovingly prepare old recipes that are part of Florence's culinary traditions

We regale you with a typical Tuscan starter consisting of mixed cold cuts such as ham, salami, finocchiona and lard, accompanied by crostini topped with chicken liver pâté. Or a delicate cave-aged pecorino served with apple and Casentino honey. Or a light salad of courgettes, thinly sliced and served with pine nuts, parmigiano cheese and truffle-scented oil

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Zucchini salad with parmesan cheese, pine-nuts and truffle-flavoured oil

Insalataina di carciofi artichokes with rucola and parmesan cheese

Farmhouse prosciutto with parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar

Tuscan hors d'oeuvre with typical crostini (toasted bread with liver patè)

Typical tuscan crostini (toasted bread with liver patè)

Farmhouse prosciutto with gorgonzola crostini and artichokes)

Lardo di colonnata (special type of lard)

Farmhouse prosciutto crudo with typical crostini (toasted bread with liver patè.)

Beef carpaccio with fresh artichokes, parmesan cheese, and rucola

Valtellina bresaola with parmesan cheese and rucola salad

Caprese-buffalo mozzarella with tomato and basil

Smoked salmon with butter curls and toasted bread

Salmon, truffles and burrata (creamed cheese) with crostini (toasted bread)

Mixed crostini (four different canapès)

Tuscan pecorino cheese with apple and tuscan honey

Farmhouse prosciutto crudo with buffalo mozzarella

Botargo carpaccio with tomatoes

First Courses

(home made pasta)

Pappa al pomodoro (tomato and bread soup)

Classic florentine "ribollita" (thick soup of bread and black cabbage)

Fettuccine alla buca mario with tomato,prosciutto mushrooms,peas and cream)

 Fettuccine ai carciofi novelli (fettuccine pasta with fresh artichokes)

Spaghetti (de cecco pasta) al baccala' (spaghetti with salt cod sauce)

Taglierini al tartufo (taglierini pasta with butter and truffles)

Lasagna (green home-made lasagna)

Zuppa di farro (spelt wheat soup)

Fresh vegetable soup

Pappardelle with wild boar sauce

Cappellacci (filled with ricotta cheese and spinach) with butter and fresh sage

Risotto ai funghi porcini (rice with fresh mushrooms)

Spaghettini (de cecco pasta)with tomato and basil or tuscan ragu'

Spaghetti (de cecco pasta) with sea food and squids

Spaghetti bottarga (de cecco pasta with garlic,butter and mullet roe)

Saccottini (pasta stuffed ham with parmesan sauce or with meat sauce)

Home made potato gnocchi with tomato sauce or with gorgonzola sauce

Rigatoni with tuscan meat sauce or with garlic-tomato and red pepper

Second Courses

Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine Steak)

Bocconcini (veal tidbits in white wine with porcini mushrooms)

Trippa (florentine style tripe)

Salsicce toscane (tuscan sausage with beens in tomato and sage sauce)

Cinghiale (wild-boar with grilled polenta)

Scaloppa al tartufo (veal escalope with truffles)

Scaloppa con asparagi (veal scaloppe with fresh asparagus and fontina cheese)

Costoline alla griglia /grilled lamb chop with rucola and fresh tomatoes)

Baccala\' (salt cod in tomato sauce with garlic)

Ossobuco (knuckle of veal ) florentine style (with beans in tomato and sage sauce)

Filettini di pollo (fried fillet chicken with fried vegetable)

Tagliata (selected sliced of florentine steack\'s fillet with rucola salad and artichokes)

1/2 pollastrino (1/2 grilled chicken with roast potatoes)

Filetto alla griglia (grilled beef fillet with roast potatoes)

Filetto all\'alpina (grilled fillet with broiled mushrooms cap)

Filetto al pepe verde (beef fillet with cream and green pepper)

Carpaccio (beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese fresh artichokes and rucola salad

Lombatina (veal loin chop, grilled and served with roast potatoes)

Bistecca alla fiorentina classic florentine t-bone steak for one person

Bistecca alla fiorentina classic florentine t-bone steak for two people

Bistecca alla fiorentina classic florentine t.bone steak for three people

Bistecca alla fiorentina classic florentine t.bonesteak for four people

Side Dishes


White cannellini beans with tomato and sage

Mixed fried of artichokes, zucchini, egg-plant and cauliflowe

Saute' beet greens with olive oil, garlic and chilli pepper

Carciofi fritti fried atichokes

Mixed salade with rucola,cicory and tomato

Fresh asparagus served with newly pressed olive oil

Potatoes – roasted or fried

White beans with tuscan olive oil

Cheese Board

Tuscan pecorino or grana

"Croce" gorgonzola or ½ buffalo mozzarella

Mixed italian cheeses with passito di pantelleria wine (dessert wine)

Fish Dishes

Mixed fry of squids and prawns

Grilled bass €26,00

Grilled gilt-head

Grilled salmon with tartar sauce or salmon with butter and sage

King prawns broiled with garlic and tomato

Grilled king prawns

Baccala' (salt cod in tomato sauce with garlic)


Desserts from the trolley (all our desserts are hand-made)

Strawberries with lemon juice or whipped cream

Ice cream

Cantuccini with tuscan vin santo (local hard almond biscuits with dessert wine)